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2020-04-15 Anthony Humphreysannouncements

Welcome to

What to expect

I’ll be sharing my development experiences, challenges, tips and tricks, and failures along the way.

What I do

I currently work full time for the IT Partnering and Innovation team at Lancaster University, meaning my workload is incredibly dynamic and varied.

Alongside this I am currently working on a start-up, Lexio, which aims to democratise app development and make it more accessible to developers everywhere.

My experience is therefore quite broad, I am a full-stack developer, certified scrum master, and start-up co-founder. This blog will focus on the more general experiences, looking at both personal and professional development along the way.

I will at times reference my other blog, which focuses on the more technical side of things. I chose carefully to separate these blogs so that this one doesn’t descend into purely engineering discussions, which I think is a temptation for most developers.

If there is any particular content you’d like to see, reach out to me on Twitter or drop me an email.

Thanks for visiting!

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